Nick Isham is a singer-songwriter, coming from Los Angeles, California.

Growing up as an athlete, Nick was fully engrossed in that career path.  Football being the primary sport, Nick earned MVP accolades in high school from his team, the county, the state and even national recognition.  This helped land him at Louisiana Tech University on a full scholarship where he started at quarterback as a true freshman.

He picked up guitar at the end of his senior year in high school.  And during his time in college, he began singing and writing his own music.  

Nick's first musical influence was Jack Johnson, making him want to pick up the guitar and start playing.  As he continued playing and writing, his influences spread from the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz, to the hip-hop influences of Eminem and Tupac, to Motown legends like Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, and (having gone to school in Louisiana) even picked up country influences from artists like Brantley Gilbert and Chris Stapleton.

Nick is able to blend all of his many different influences into his own very unique sound.  From his honest and soulful voice, to his rhythmic and melodic ingenuity; from his personal story telling and uplifting messages that he portrays in his music, he pulls people in from the first note he sings or the first chord he strums to the very end of each song.

He is a prolific songwriter in the sense that he can write in many different genres and for many different purposes to go along with his own career as a performing artist.

Isham has placed songs in TV and film, one such placement being in ABC's hit television show American Crime.  

He has also been collaborating with many artists from all over the world and performing from LA to Nashville. 

Photographer: Jake Isham